Expertise. Professionality. JIT

First session (1.5 hrs, online): 5,000 USD

Business consulting: Analysis of technical viability for start-ups.

I help entrepreneurs to determine if there is technical viability for developing an specific computer vision based product (hardware, software or application) .

The first sesion is devoted to understanding your idea, mid-term vision, budget, and timeline. At the end of the first sesion you will receive a written technical report specifying:

  • Technical specifications of the final product you want to launch.

  • Technical plan for developing the product.

  • Specific skills needed by your team of engineers for developing the product.

  • Timeline schedule of development.


"Many instances of originality, creativity and clarity in his work as well as the responsability, and the seriousness he has shown in every assignment, reveal his potential to be one of the best elements to solve any type of problem in any situation"

"He has a solid background on computer vision, and his main attribute is his high degree of abstract thinking for understanding and proposing novel solutions to complex problems."

"He is an excelent researcher pionering geometric algebra techniques for key issues in computer vision"

"He is a very formal person, with leadership skills, abilities to learn new topics quickly and team-working"

"Definitively, he ranks on the top of the list when coming to motivation and goals"